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Yoga is a popular form of exercise but is often underappreciated by many people. Often times, people think that simply lifting weights or performing cardio is enough to get them in shape, writing yoga off as a waste of time. However, if you perform any sort of high-quality strength and conditioning workout, you should complement it with Yoga for many reasons. This is especially true in the case of kickboxing. Yoga is the perfect complement workout to kickboxing.

1.) Full Body Approach

 Both yoga and kickboxing take on a full body approach to health and wellness, so they go perfectly together, despite their inherent differences. Because of their holistic tendencies, you’ll experience a better ability to perform yoga after a kickboxing class and vice versa. This keeps you in tune physically and allows you to focus on different parts of your body on different days. If one thing was sore during a kickboxing class, you can focus on stretching it and fixing the problem during the next yoga class.

2.) Increased Flexibility

 Many moves involved in kickboxing, especially the high kicks, require an ample amount of flexibility in order to be performed. While you can try to go straight for the high kicks when you begin a kickboxing routine, you could run the risk of pulling a muscle or tendon because you simply weren’t ready for it. Yoga can help you to quickly ramp up your flexibility, meaning that each kickboxing session with gets better and better as you more adequately perform the moves required to keep you in shape. You’ll gain better mobility with each yoga class, and this, in turn, will make every kickboxing workout more effective, so the two are creating a self-sustaining cycle of healthy habits.

3.) Mental Clarity

 Yoga is an exercise that often focuses on breathing and letting go of the things that are burdening your mind. It seeks to bring together the body, mind, and spirit, giving you a healthier overall outlook and improved sense of clarity as well as higher energy levels. These are all beneficial leg ups in the kickboxing room, as it is important to have a clear mind when you go into such an intense workout. If you have clear focus and high energy levels, you’ll have better coordination and be able to perform each move more efficiently.

4.) Improved Strength

 Yoga isn’t just used to improve flexibility. It can actually greatly improve your strength levels when you utilize the right workouts. Because yoga often focuses on core strength, your overall body will feel better and stronger as you complete each session. It’s also well-known that a stronger core contributes to a better sense of balance and increased flexibility, so you’re benefiting in many ways that can translate to your kickboxing sessions. Many movements in kickboxing are centered by the core, so being stronger in your midsection will help you get through each session with a reduced risk of injury and increases the ability to take advantage of each exercise.

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