Increased Body Strength

You aren’t just gaining cardio benefits from these strike workouts, you are also improving your body strength. Punching, kicking and jumping all require the use of large muscle groups, and as you practice a variety of them, you are working both your upper and lower body, as well as your core. Similar to HIIT exercises, these will help you to burn fat quickly while increasing muscle mass and strength levels.

Cardiovascular Health

Kickboxing training is a true cardio workout, moving your entire body to challenge your heart and lungs. The required intensity increases your metabolic rate and burns calories resulting in increased weight loss.

Increased Lean Muscle

Punching, kicking, and jumping will strengthen and tone your muscles. You will constantly use your upper body, lower body, and core as you train and make contact with the heavy bag. Cardio boxing will give you a metabolic advantage as more lean muscle tissue promotes a higher metabolism, burning more calories every minute of every day.

Balanced Hormones

As you continue to train and improve, you will experience positive hormonal changes. Your cortisol levels will decrease and your insulin levels will eliminate many of the swings that cause low blood sugar, cravings and overeating. As you rest and recover from your intense workouts, your body will produce additional human growth hormone to build muscle tissue and burn fat.

Less Stress

Exercise decreases stress. Intense exercise like cardio boxing increases endorphins which boost your mood and improves sleep, all of which reduce stress. Less stress results in less “stress eating”, fewer calories and reduced risk of binge eating.

More Overall Energy

Because there is such a focus on the core with cardio striking exercises, you’ll soon be gaining more overall energy. Focusing on the core means that your body is constantly adjusting to new levels of speed and force, adapting to make you stronger and more energetic. If you follow a disciplined regimen of regular cardio striking workouts, your overall energy levels will increase, and you’ll have the urge to continue to perform these workouts, creating a positive cycle. You’ll also experience energy immediately after some workouts, with the rush of endorphins giving you a great, happy feeling.

About CardioStrike

Cardio Strike was created by MMA fighter and undefeated amateur kickboxer Greg Sanon who had his eyes set on a UFC championship, but despite his success he discovered his passion was evolving from personal success in the ring to helping others  achieve their goals.